We’ve Got the Blend

Mar 27, 2024

Young corn needs the right blend of nutrients
When it comes to fertilizer, one combination doesn’t fit all, so Federated is ready with custom liquid fertilizer blends. You tell us what you need, and we will create the right blend to help you achieve the best yields on your 2024 crops.
Tim Stelter, Federated’s Osceola location manager, said, “Here’s what we have [product-wise] … we can custom blend any of these in any quantity.”
The nutrient essentials:
  • 28-0-0 UAN
  • 10-34-0
  • Ammonium thiosulfate 12-0-0-26
    • Stelter noted that “these three products can be blended for 2 x 2 starters and applied at more gallons/acre.
    • When working with these blends, it’s important to keep the product recirculated if it has to sit for awhile (for instance, if it rains and can’t be applied right away)
  • 6-24-6 low salt (80% ortho phosphate, 20% poly phosphate)
    • 6-24-6 is stable and does not require agitation.
    • “It’s also ideal for in-furrow applications,” said Stelter.
    • Federated can deliver this to your tanks, or you can bring your mobile tank/trailer in for filling.
  • Zinc
  • USA 500
    • USA 500 is Federated’s preferred performance additive because it promotes “stronger, healthier crops,” said Stelter.
The benefits of fertilizer blends range from quicker emergence, even in cold soils, to drier crops at harvest to increased yield potential. With Federated’s blending capabilities, you get the exact fertilizer your crops need – and it’s easy and convenient.
Talk to your Federated Agronomist soon to get your fertilizer blends determined, ordered, and scheduled for pick-up/delivery.

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