SuperU® Really is Super

Apr 10, 2024

Nitrogen puzzle piece
The “super” in SuperU® isn’t just a name, according to Mike Slater, Federated agronomist at the Isanti location. “It really is a super form of urea nitrogen (N).” SuperU protects against N loss in three ways:  ammonia volatization, nitrate leaching, and denitrification.
  • Ammonia volatilization is the above-ground N loss from urease enzymes that breaks down the urea fertilizer molecule into ammonia gas. “We most commonly protect against this form a loss with Factor® or other urease Inhibitors,” said Slater.
  • Nitrate leaching is common in sandy soils that lack the cations to hold the negatively charge nitrate particles in the soil profile. SuperU can prevent this below-ground loss of N.
  • Denitrification happens when the ground is overly saturated, and the nitrate N is converted back to the gas form and diffuses out of the soil into the atmosphere.
SuperU is made up of two nitrogen stabilizers that are evenly distributed across and throughout each prill of fertilizer. This helps to protect the stabilizers from damage or destruction during handling and application.
Super U is also completely soluble, which makes it immediately available – unlike some polymer-coated competitors. “It’s not sticky like regular urea that has nitrogen stabilizers applied when going through the blender,” said Slater.
Slater likes to put out SuperU with early N applications since there’s less risk of loss (as compared to regular urea). Slater recommends a blend of the two for top dress situations as part of “a good conservation and nutrient management plan to reduce risk of N loss” above and below ground.
Talk to your Federated Agronomist to determine how SuperU can be one piece of the puzzle in your nutrient management plans.

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