Pre-Pay Options Still Available – at Federated

Jan 10, 2024

January 19 th pre-pay deadline
The financial strength of Federated Co-ops makes it possible to extend pre-pay deadlines into this new calendar year to provide discount options beyond the traditional “year-end” offering. The extended deadline for pre-pay is Jan. 19, 2024 (nine days from now).
Pre-pay gives growers the best pricing along with options for when they place their orders (while keeping prices in place). “However,” said Cody Lezer, manager of Federated’s Ogilvie location, “the earlier you order seed, the more likely we can fill it without any substitutions.”
Federated ordered 2024 seed in the fall to guarantee variety selection. Lezer noted that “for the most part, Federated can fill early seed orders without substitutions, but there are occasional exceptions.” Early orders are the best way to get your seed of choice.
Take these factors into consideration with every pre-buy decision:
  • farm history;
  • yield data;
  • insect pressure;
  • disease pressure.
“Seed varieties are very different, too,” said Lezer. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Advantages and disadvantages. Lezer offered these examples:
  • no-till fields need a seed variety with great emergence;
  • fields with white mold need a variety with a strong genetic defense;
  • planting early (in colder weather) demands a variety with great seedling vigor.
The Federated Agronomists “know these varieties well,” said Lezer, “and they are willing to help with product placement.” Remember: The pre-pay deadline is Fri., Jan. 19.

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