Let’s Talk About Dryer Propane Needs

Sep 12, 2022

Federated is working to ensure propane availability for drying corn this fall.
“Nationwide propane inventories are adequate to handle the fall crop dryer needs,” said Mark Grave, Federated’s propane manager, but truck drivers are in short supply – a concern Federated continues to address – so “transportation between pipeline and rail terminals may be an issue.”
But, he said, “the Federated Co-ops supply team is working to have the propane when and where it is needed as harvest begins.”
Federated’s rail unloading facility in Cambridge will be leveraged as the main supply point, and “inventory [will be] full as the combines hit the field.”
Grave said the key to a smooth propane flow this fall is planning and communication … talk to us. “We ask you to communicate when drying will start to assist us with ramping up our transportation to hit peak demands,” he said.
For more information about Federated’s fall propane promotion and to communicate your known needs, contact your Federated Agronomist soon.

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