FieldAlytics™ Takes Precision Ag Up a Notch

Jan 24, 2022

FieldAlytics mapping sample
In late 2021 Federated invested in FieldAlytics™, a single new precision ag program that replaces the dual programs of Surety™ and Sirrus™ for mapping and storing field data in one easily accessible digital space.
With FieldAlytics, “we can map out fields, dispatch our custom application equipment, soil sample, create management zones, run fertility and seeding recs, and much more,” said Mike Slater, agronomy sales rep at the Isanti location.
FieldAlytics—both the desktop program and the mobile app—will give Federated Agronomists and growers easy access to all data entered in the “tree” (with the tree being “farmer, farm, and field,” said Slater.)
Once the agronomists have a grower’s “tree” (a complete record of field and crop data) up and running, everything becomes more efficient.
Slater went on to describe how FieldAlytics greatly benefits growers as it helps Federated Agronomists do the following:
  • increase custom application efficiency with FieldAlytics by creating better spray routes for the applicators;
  • track all spray and/or fertilizer orders to help ensure applicators are spending more time in the field covering more acres instead of being on the road moving between various fields;
  • make better use the machines across Federated’s service areas; for example, if a sprayer from Ogilvie is working near the Rush City/Ogilvie or Albertville/Ogilvie territory overlap, that sprayer can easily be redirected to cover spray orders from the other locations;
  • soil sample with greater efficiency (whether for composite, zone, or grid sampling) by recording sample points, scouting notes, photos, locations, and sample results;
  • analyze test results and create variable rate seeding prescriptions, as well as fertilizer recommendations for both flat spread and variable rate application.
This year, Federated’s custom applicators will have FieldAlytics on tablets in their machines to help create application records on site, in real time, rather than on paper. Operators will also map their routes and verify field locations – to help avoid spraying errors – on FieldAlytics.
Watch for news in upcoming editions of the Agronomy Update to learn how Federated’s custom services – powered by FieldAlytics – can ultimately help save money on your farm. And in the meantime, talk to your Federated Agronomist to learn more about precision ag options.

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