FieldAlytics® Updates: It’s Up to You and Your Agronomist

Feb 28, 2024

growers and agronomists need to update FieldAlytics data every year
FieldAlytics® is a program [app] that we at Federated use to map fields, create spraying and spreading jobs, and dispatch those jobs to our applicators,” said Karson Schoening, Federated ag sales rep for the Ogilvie location.
And because Federated’s services rely heavily on the data in FieldAlytics, it’s important the information in the app is correct and current.
Your Federated Agronomists spend much of the off season connecting with growers to update all of the information in the app: field locations and names and all data related to Federated’s custom application services. You, the growers, are the best source of that information, so we rely on you.
  • “When we update the fields,” said Schoening, “we [get] on the same page as the farmer with field names” and the like. Federated’s goal is to eliminate confusion and miscommunication when growers expect services at specific times and places in the spring.
Efficiency is a team effort in the long run, and Federated counts on growers to provide accurate information to help keep things running smoothly. FieldAlytics tracks the information with GPS precision and makes everything more efficient.
Talk to your Federated Agronomist soon to ensure that all your field info is up to date in FieldAlytics.

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