FieldAlytics® Takes Field Scouting to the Next Level

Jun 28, 2023

Agronomists can communicated with growers effectively with FieldAlytics reports
Your Federated Agronomist can communicate with you directly from the field with the FieldAlytics® mobile scouting app. For growers who have joined signed on with FieldAlytics, the app makes it possible to virtually “be there” while agronomists walk the fields.
“We are able to make scouting reports while we are in the field,” said Mike Slater, Federated ag sales rep at the Isanti location. The app makes it possible to attach reports, photos, and field imagery (see photo). “It also shows proof that the field was scouted,” he said.
Your agronomist can send a report to “anybody” with FieldAlytics, and the reports are saved to the “tree,” which is part of the app that includes the grower, farm, and field specifics. It also includes a field-specific list of “soil samples, application records, imagery, scouting reports, yield data, etc.,” he said.
By entering planting dates into the app, it will show growing degree units (GDUs) and rainfall totals for the specific field/area (thanks to GPS and digital data).
With this trove of field-specific information, your Federated Agronomist can readily make recommendations on herbicides, evaluate insect and disease pressure, and help growers decide what should be done next “based on what we are seeing in the field,” said Slater.
The mobile app is an “excellent way … to communicate findings and keep records of what was seen,” he said. Call your Federated Agronomist to get started – or go further – with FieldAlytics in your fields.

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