Federated Partners with Corteva™ to Save on Input Costs

Jan 24, 2024

March 1 deadline for TruChoice sign-up
Growers who choose crop protection chemistries from Corteva can benefit from a Federated/Corteva partnership through the TruChoice® program.
“It’s another option for growers who want to buy Corteva products,” said Tim Stelter, Federated’s Osceola location manager.
With TruChoice, growers deposit a minimum of $5000 into the program through Federated and then benefit from a 5% to 10% savings on all Corteva products ordered throughout the season. (The 5% discount applies to TruChoice-financed purchases; cash purchases receive a 10% discount.) Read more details here.
The deadline to sign up for TruChoice for this season is March 1, 2024.
With this Corteva calculator you can toggle your numbers to calculate savings and rewards through this program. Or, better yet, talk to your Federated Agronomist and have them help you find the right numbers to put into TruChoice to best fit your crop management plans.
Either way, TruChoice cost savings are yours to enjoy through Federated Co-ops in 2024.

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