Call Us When You’re Ready to Plant Soybeans

May 10, 2023

Pre-emerge herbicide timing is critical on soybeans
Best practice for soybean crops is to apply a good pre-emerge herbicide followed by a post-emerge application to control resistant weeds throughout the growing season.
Timing is everything for these applications, and Federated is ready to help get herbicide applications done on time. And that takes good planning and scheduling!
“The best time to call us is as early as possible,” said Karson Schoening, Federated’s ag sales rep for the Albertville area. The window for pre-emerge herbicide application is a mere three days from planting (before the beans crack through).
Giving Federated a heads-up when you’re ready to plant soybeans helps us get out there before the application window is closed.
Let us help you with the most efficient application services. Give us a call when you’re heading to the fields with your planter (or sooner if you can) so we can get your fields on the application schedule.
Talk to your Federated Agronomist with any questions about pre-emerge herbicide application or product choices.

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