‘Cheap Insurance’ for Nitrogen

May 10, 2023

Protecting N is essential for plant health and yield potential.
When it comes to the nitrogen (N) in fertilizer, it’s a good idea to do everything to protect your investment. Between leaching and volatilization, N has more than one way out. And with those ways out go the nutrients your crop needs.
Factor® Plus is “cheap insurance” to keep N from escaping into the atmosphere (volatizing), according to Federated’s Mike Slater, ag sales rep at the Isanti location. With an active ingredient no one wants to pronounce – referred to by its acronym, NBTP – Factor Plus is a urease inhibitor that stabilizes N, keeping it in the soil longer, ready for plant uptake.
Factor Plus gives the crop time to access vital N before it disappears. And, unlike the older Factor product, Factor Plus offers a lower use rate and “is not as sticky,” which means is “doesn’t cause havoc with the spreaders/applicators,” said Slater.
Factor Plus has been recommended by Federated for several years and has proven itself on corn – and hay (when rain isn’t imminent). Factor Plus widens the fertilizer application window.
Talk to your Federated Agronomist about Factor Plus to protect your still-higher-priced fertilizer investment.

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