Why Should I Become a Customer

If you are new to Federated Co-ops, you may wonder, “Why should I become a customer?” For starters, we are:
  1. A cooperative. We’re owned and controlled by our customers and operated for their benefit. ANYONE can trade with this co-op. See FAQ for more information.
  2. Locally owned. Since we’re owned by the people who do business with us, we’re not going to pick up and leave as soon as the economic winds change.
  3. Community minded. Our employees are your friends and neighbors.
  4. Experienced. Our knowledgeable, well-trained employees offer a high level of service.
  5. Trustworthy. The high-quality agronomy, energy, and lifestyle products we handle are trusted brands that are safe and reliable.

As our Brand Vision states, we are: People who care. Products you trust. Value for life.

How do I become a customer?
To enjoy the benefits listed above, simply call or stop by one of our locations and begin to purchase your propane, refined fuels, power equipment, feed, pet food, equine supplies, softener salt, and other merchandise.

If you are interested in accruing equity and becoming a voting member of Federated Co-ops, you should start an account with the co-op. Our friendly, local employees can show you how.

. . . and Welcome to Federated!