Pre-Buy and PPC Programs - Save Money & Reduce the Possibility of Short Term Price Spikes

Federated Co-ops is proud to offer our patrons two programs that can help take the volatility out of buying propane. Our Pre-Buy program gives our patrons the opportunity to purchase a propane contract during the promotion period. Gallons that are Pre-Bought during the promotion are delivered later in the year as needed. Since the gallons were purchased on a contract, the price per gallon does not fluctuate with market conditions. (Some limitations and terms apply.) Our PPC program locks in the price for up to 1,000 gallons. Patrons pay a small up-front fee to lock in their price for the next 1,000 gallons of propane. Customers don’t pay the entire amount up-front like Pre-Buy, rather their price is locked in and they pay as the propane is delivered. Like Pre-Buy, the price does not fluctuate with market pricing. (Some limitations and exclusions apply.)