Employee News

  • Raquel Ulmer Promoted to CFO

    Raquel Ulmer has been promoted to be the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the co-op. This promotion is in recognition for her outstanding leadership of our financial function with in the co-op.  Raquel has outstanding institutional knowledge with the co-op and she has a great ability to navigate the complexity of our business with both our internal and external partners. Raquel is very well respected by all the financial institutions we do business with, as well as the many different co-ops that we are partners with. It is critical to have a financial leader that has the highest standards of integrity and trust to insure we never have any issues or concerns. Raquel sets the standards for integrity and trust. 
  • Al Johnson Celebrates 33 Years with Federated

    Al Johnson celebrated 33 years with Federated and 40 years in the Propane business on November 1, 2016.  Al is a true role model for all Federated employees for his dedication and commitment to great customer service.  His customers know they can count on Al to deliver their propane no matter what the weather brings. He has worked in the McGrath area for all of his 40 years.  His positive attitude is a real inspiration to all who come in contact with him. In the pictures, he is being recognized by his manager, Jim Gutzwiller, for his service and his team mates for setting the example for all. A big thank you to Al for all he does to make the Co-op a great place to work.

       Jim Gutzwiller and Al Johnson                                                          Left to Right: Stephanie Bergstad - 24 Yrs, Sheldon Stay - 29 Yrs, Jim Gutzwiller - 30 Yrs, 
                                                                                                             Brian Renstrom - 19 Yrs, Ron Kiel - 14 Yrs, Gary Folkestad - 25 Yrs, Al Johnson - 33 Yrs, 
                                                                                                             Scott Okeson - 2 Yrs, Steve Karsky - 19 Yrs, Todd Hall - 4 Yrs.

  • Nate Vrudn Serving Federated Growers and our Country

    Employee Highlight

    Federated Coops is fortunate to have some of the best employees in the industry.  Our attitude of service and focus on others is one of the core attributes which make our organization stand out from the rest. Nate Vrudny exemplifies such attributes.

    Nate grew up in Finlayson, Minnesota and Graduated from Hinckley High School. Shortly after graduation, Nate joined the Army National Guard.  After spending time in boot camp and completing his Advanced Individual Training (AIT), Nate was deployed overseas with the Duluth 312th Engineering Company, where he served as a heavy equipment operator, supporting key military operations in Iraq.  Upon completion of his tour, Nate returned to Minnesota, where he worked in the construction industry until he joined the Federated Co-ops Agronomy team in Rush City, MN.  Nate recalls his decision to join Federated: “I wanted to stop traveling and was looking for a steady, stable place to grow my career.  So, when I interviewed and realized the organization would build my skills and grow my capabilities, I took the job immediately.”  After nearly two years at Federated, Nate completed his applicator certifications and worked as a full-time Agronomy applicator.  

    When asked about his role and career with Federated Co-ops, Nate replied, “I love my job. My favorite part of this role is the people I get to work with every day.  We support each other and do things that really make a difference.” Nate says, “I think about my job like I think about the military.  It’s about working as a team and doing things for others. We don’t do this for us, we do this for others.”

    Nate mobilized for his second tour with the 312th Engineering Company in February at Fort McCoy for leadership training; after which, he mobilized with 170 of his fellow reservists for deployment to Kuwait, Jordan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Visit our website for updates and information on how to support Nate until he returns. 

  • Remembering a Longtime Federated Employee…

    Alfred “Alf” Grandt worked 41 years at Federated Co-ops from 1958 until his retirement in 1999.
    Propane was a new product in our area in the 50’s and 60’s forcing many companies to engineer and build their own facilities.  Alf helped to design, build, install and upgrade some of our very first propane storage plants and loading facilities.
    Alf also delivered propane, set tanks, unloaded propane rail cars and repaired our trucks during his long career at Federated.  Most of his time was spent as the lead Fleet Maintenance person working out of our Cambridge Minnesota location.  Alf was instrumental in the planning and purchasing of many of our early trucks, pickups and trailers. Alf’s main responsibility was to keep the Federated fleet up and running through the long, cold winter months.  Alf did most of the mechanical repairs, body work and even the painting of Federated’s growing truck fleet.  He was always up to a new challenge and seldom found anything he couldn’t repair or build.
    Many Cambridge residents will remember Alf for his huge Christmas displays that decorated his home each season on the East side of Cambridge.  After retirement, Alf and Ruth (his wife of 59 years) moved from Cambridge to the log home they built by hand near Bruno Minnesota.  Alf enjoyed restoring antique toy trucks and tractors in his later years.
    Alf passed away at his home on January 25th, 2016 at the age of 78 and will be missed by employees and patrons alike.
    Alf is pictured here in 1968 (5th from left) with fellow employees and our early fleet of trucks.