Liquid Corn Starter Adds Value Early On

All across Federated's service areas, a pop-up, in-row starter is recommended to get corn off to a fast and strong start, according to Tim  Stelter, Federated agronomist at the Osceola location.

"We have a clear liquid that is 100% ortho," said Stelter, "and we have XLR-rate™ that is 80% ortho and 20% poly, which is a high-quality, seed-safe starter fertilizer (7-23-5) that mixes well with other micronutrients, especially zinc, the critical nutrient for corn development." (XLR-rate can also be used later in the year as foliar feeding.)

XLR-rate, a CHS product, can be combined with USA500, a Rosen's product, for complete pop-up nutrition on corn. It has four active ingredients, including zinc, that help release the phosphate tied up in the soil. USA500 also increases the availability of nitrogen, sulfur, and other important nutrients in the soil.

"These products are easy to handle, environmentally friendly, tested, and reliable," said Stelter. Whether it's applied in traditional two-by-two placement or in furrow, there's good value in start-up fertilizer.

Liquid fertilizer starters will be part of an in-depth discussion at next week's corn grower meetings (see info at right). Talk to the Federated Agronomists at the Corn Grower Workshops.